Meet S-LTM Lisa Randall

LISA RANDALL Service-Learning Team Manager Year/major/minor(s): 5th year, English & Journalism major. Hometown: Darien, CT   Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? I found S-L! I applied for a co-op with Service-Learning after taking a class that required me to tutor each week in a local high school. I want to work in higher... Continue Reading →

Meet S-LTM Anika Krause

ANIKA KRAUSE Service-Learning Team Manager Year/major/minor(s): Third Year, English/Secondary Education Hometown: Port Chester, NY   Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? S-L found me the first semester of my freshman year when I took Professor Attwood’s class, Education in the Community! It was s-love at first sight when I began to volunteer at 826... Continue Reading →

Meet S-LTM Deme Venancio

Deme Venancio Service-Learning Team Manager Year/major/minor(s): 2016, Health Science, minors in Biology & Psychology Hometown: Franklin, MA   Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? S-L found me! I took my first S-L class when they opened up an S-L version of a required class for my major. It fit into my schedule and seemed... Continue Reading →

Meet S-LTM Liza Ashley

LIZA ASHLEY Service-Learning Team Manager Year/major/minor(s): 4th Year, Human Services; Applied Behavior Analysis Hometown: Leyden, MA Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? S-L found me! The very first class I attended freshman year was an S-L public speaking class that helped me discover community in the big city and opened my eyes to a world... Continue Reading →

Meet S-LTM Brooke Schober

BROOKE SCHOBER Service-Learning Team Manager Year/major/minor(s): 4th Year Senior, Major in Cultural Anthropology and Minors in Sociology and Latino/a, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Hometown: Lopez Island, WA Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? A little bit of both! I took an S-L Advanced Spanish class in 2013 (Katy Davis was my S-LTA –... Continue Reading →

Meet S-LTM Chrissy Beluk

CHRISSY BELUK Service-Learning Team Manager College: College of Social Sciences & Humanities Year: 2016 Major(s): Sociology and Human Services Hometown: Newburyport, MA Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you? It’s the most beautiful relationship ever. We sort of just bumped in to each other. Love at first sight. What Service-Learning classes have you... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Nights with Service-Learning Student Leaders

Service-Learning Teaching Assistants, Team Managers, and Street Team Members gain professional development in workshops at weekly meetings. By Lisa Randall “What’s good in life?” At the start of each large group Service-Learning student leader meeting, Assistant Director of Service-Learning at Northeastern Lisa Roe begins by posing this question to the group. Street Team members, Service-Learning... Continue Reading →

Transitioning from S-L student to an S-LTA

By Adrianna Graziano Ever since joining the Northeastern community, I have been an active participant in community service: first, exploring S-L my first semester in Professor Begley’s Inquiries in Cell and Molecular Biology course, then serving with the Americorps program Jumpstart, and now working as an S-L TA. After being an S-L student, the opportunity... Continue Reading →

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