Meet S-LTM Liza Ashley


Service-Learning Team Manager

Year/major/minor(s): 4th Year, Human Services; Applied Behavior Analysis

Leyden, MA

Did you find S-L, or did S-L find you?
S-L found me! The very first class I attended freshman year was an S-L public speaking class that helped me discover community in the big city and opened my eyes to a world of opportunities on campus and in Boston.

What S-L classes have you taken?
Human Services Professions, Strategic Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management, Public Speaking, and Human Services Leadership and Program Development.

What S-L classes have you TA’d for?
Interdisciplinary Advanced Writing and Becoming a Global Leader.

What is your favorite memory relating to service-learning?
Riding Codzilla with our S-L team, and feeling all the celebratory S-Love at the Spring 2015 EXPO that I led the charge on planning as part of my co-op.

What would be your biggest advice for a first-time service-learning student?
Practice empathy.

If you were a television character, who would you be and why?
I would live a happy life if I were Leslie Knope.

What has been your favorite meal you’ve had at an S-L SL meeting?

What’s a fun fact about you?
I grew up on a farm.

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