Rewards & Recognitions

Congratulations to Our 2018-2019 Course-Community Collaboration Award Recipients!

The Course-Community Collaboration Award celebrates excellence within the Service-Learning Program at Northeastern University. The award is meant to acknowledge collaborations between individuals or groups who went above and beyond the expectations of their role to contribute to a meaningful partnership that benefits the community while enhancing student learning and/or faculty scholarship. Each year the Service-Learning Program asks our network to nominate any collaboration of students, faculty members, community partners, or Service-Learning Student Leaders who goes above and beyond in their role within Service-Learning.

In recognition of their exceptional partnerships this year, the Service-Learning Program is excited to congratulate the winners for the 2018-2019 Course-Community Collaboration Award: faculty member Dr. Mary Steffel and S-LTA Jess Lynch-Foust of DMSB’s Marketing & Society course in partnership with Jennifer Licht and Angela Phinney of Bikes Not Bombs!

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Steffel’s nomination letter:

This spring, my class collaborated with Bikes Not Bombs on a semester-long pro-social marketing project. In this project, the students worked in teams to apply the concepts, theories, methods, and critical thinking discussed in this class to design a pro-social marketing plan to guide social change and advance socially-desirable behavior… I have been continually amazed by the level of personal support that Jennifer and Angela have provided to my students. Their involvement in the course has dramatically enhanced and elevated the learning experience for my students, and I hope, will enhance their efforts as well. Our S-LTA, Jess Lynch-Foust, has also been integral to the success of the collaboration by facilitating coordination between service learning, our community partners, the students, and myself, and helping to ensure that the partnership aligns with the expectations and goals of all stakeholders involved in the collaboration. The value of this partnership to the students is perhaps best expressed by the students themselves…One student wrote, “I’m excited to see the actual use of what I’m learning. We are often so confined in our classes that we are unable to see how what we are taught can have meaningful changes in our society. I’m super excited to work for a real NGO and see how our suggestions can have a positive impact on their mission.”

Mary, Jess, Jennifer, and Angela were recognized at the Spring 2019 Service-Learning Reception & Virtual EXPO.

Honorable Mention

Jeff Rogers of The Clubhouse Network, nominated by S-LTA Simone Harrell

“Jeff and his staff work diligently to create an environment where Boston youth can explore and discover new passions, and interact with/teach Northeastern students about their interests/hobbies and new skills.” – Simone Harrell

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