5 Ways to Give Back to Boston During the Holidays

Written by Street Team member and S-L Teaching Assistant Asta MacKie

  1. Coordinate or contribute to a gift drive! 

Work with your sorority, on-campus group, or co-op office to collect holiday gifts. There are many organizations throughout Boston that would welcome your donations, but we’ve compiled a few for you to explore!

  1. Purchase your holiday gifts and cards thoughtfully!

Rather than buying items from large corporations, seek out smaller businesses that may be donating their proceeds to a good cause. Explore the Christmas markets throughout Boston (hint – find our community partner United South End Settlements at the SoWa Winter Festival!), or explore ethical businesses online! We’ve found a few great ideas to get you started.

  1. Ask for a donation in your name rather than a present!

Rather than ending up with an impersonal gift card from a relative you barely know, or yet another mug from your Secret Santa, request that your friends and family make a donation to your favorite organization or cause in your name. You can even set up your fundraiser through Facebook to make things especially easy for your friends and family!

  1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen during the holidays!

Get your friends and family together to volunteer this holiday season. Or better yet, take a much needed break from all of the family time during the holidays by volunteering – it’s the one excuse to get out of family time that your mother can’t say no to! Here are a few organizations in Boston that offer volunteer opportunities.

  1. Donate your winter clothes!

As you receive new clothing items for Christmas, you may not have use for your old ones. Consider donating your excess winter clothes as Boston’s cold winter fast approaches – it can really make a difference to someone!

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