S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

#CapturingCommunity: Asta MacKie


Name: Asta MacKie
Role within Service-Learning: Service-Learning Program Assistant

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and Service-Learning work?
I believe that it is so important for large institutions, companies, and universities to take accountability for their presence and influence in a community and do what they can to make a positive impact rather than a negative one. Service-Learning is a channel for students at Northeastern to become actively engaged in the neighborhoods surrounding campus, and through this they are able to utilize the skills and themes learned in class and apply it to the real world! I think it’s such a fantastic win-win situation that connects staff, faculty members, students, and community partners, and really integrates Northeastern in to the community!

Did you find Service-Learning or did Service-Learning find you?
Service-Learning found me! I applied for a different co-op position at the Center of Community Service office and was referred to Service-Learning after that interview. Since then, I’ve worked with Service-Learning full-time and part-time for almost a year and it’s been great!

If Service-Learning were a food, what would it be and why?
It would be a burger! A combination of different ingredients that each play an important role and bring different flavors that come together in a delicious meal – just like the students, faculty members, Service-Learning Student Leaders, and community partners coming together through Service-Learning!

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