S-L Myths Busted: Tyler Hill

Written by S-L Street Team Member Cassandra Barrett

While many people love taking Service-Learning courses, some other students may find it daunting for a number of reasons. In this new series of articles, S-L Myths Busted, follow along as S-L Student Leader Cassandra tackles some S-L myths with former and current S-L students.

Tyler Hill is a third-year at studying Mechanical Engineering. He was placed into an S-L First Year writing class his freshman year. Though he did not pick the class, he learned about the community through his service at 826 Boston.

Tyler Hill

Myth: “Service-Learning is tiresome”

Tyler’s Fact: Hanging out with the kids and teaching them to become better students and speakers was so much fun. It was amazing working with 826 Boston and helping students write and perform slam poetry.

Myth: “Service-Learning is hard to balance with other classes”

Tyler’s Fact: Managing my time was not hard. I just had to make sure I knew when I was going to S-L and planned my study time and tests, exams, and projects due dates around service. I made sure I knew how much time I had to do things and made sure I got them done.

Myth:  “I will not gain anything from Service-Learning”

Tyler’s Fact: I learned how amazing Boston is and I was able to see the diversity of its population. I met a lot of great kids at 826. I even learned about slam poetry and how creative and amazing you have to be to do it.


Learn more about 826 Boston here!

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