S-L Myths Busted: Lilly Ryll

Written by S-L Street Team Member Cassandra Barrett

While many people love taking Service-Learning courses, some other students may find it daunting for a number of reasons. In this new series of articles, S-L Myths Busted, follow along as S-L Student Leader Cassandra tackles some S-L myths with former and current S-L students.

Lilly Ryll is a third-year Behavioral Neuroscience major. She completed the S-L course Inquiries in Biology and served at United South End Settlements. She added an S-L class to her schedule in her first year because she thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in science outreach.


Myth: “Service-Learning is tiresome”

Lilly’s Fact: The kids we worked with were hilarious. We had quite a few quotable moments. I loved seeing the kids every week and seeing them celebrate their own abilities to recall information from the week before.

Myth: “Service-Learning is overwhelming”

Lilly’s Fact: S-L was not a burden, rather it was an opportunity to improve my understanding of the material in class as well as help others. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the community that we as Northeastern students are plopped in the middle of, but don’t interact with otherwise.

Myth:I will not gain anything from Service-Learning”

Lilly’s Fact: S-L gave me the skills to be able to simplify complicated scientific concepts and to present my ideas. I integrated information and created questions that synthesized ideas. I increased my public speaking and presentation skills. Most importantly, I gained the talent of making science fun!


Learn more about United South End Settlements here!

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