S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

Where Are They Now? Reflections from Former Center of Community Service Co-ops

By Service-Learning Program Assistant Asta MacKie

Throughout the years, the Center of Community Service (CCS) has been so lucky to have so many amazing Program Assistants and Co-ops, so this semester we reached out to a few of them to see where they now! Read on to learn more about their time working in the office and how their involvement with Service-Learning, the Civic Engagement Program, NU|ACES, Alternative Spring Break, and Husky Volunteer Team has made an impact on their personal and professional lives.

The following features are listed chronologically by co-op cycle.

brooke hoger

Name: Brooke Hoger
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2013
Where am I now? Northeastern faculty member for Service-Learning course, Connections & Decisions

“My co-op at the Center of Community Service helped me to discover my career path in higher education. As a co-op, I was exposed to many different aspects of the Service-Learning Program, including assessment, partnership development, event planning, and student leadership programs. I appreciated the supportive environment and small team, which gave me the opportunity to learn and grow. After my co-op, I continued my involvement with the Service-Learning Program as a Teaching Assistant and Team Manager, and now as a full-time staff member at Northeastern, I am able to teach a Service-Learning section of the Explore Program first-year seminar course, Connections & Decisions!”


hannah kilfoye

Name: Hannah Kilfoye
Co-op Program and Cycle: Co-Curricular Service, Fall 2013
Where am I now? Academic Advisor at Simmons College

“I chose to do my first co-op experience at the Center of Community Service, and it definitely ended up being the right choice! I pursued this co-op because of my passion for service, but at the time, I didn’t realize how much this experience would influence my life, both professionally and personally. I was able to gain valuable skills, contribute to my campus and community, and make lasting connections and friends along the way. My experience opened many doors for me and helped me identify my professional goals… and I ended up continuing in a career in higher education after graduation!”



Name: Daniel McKenna
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2013; Co-Curricular Service, Fall 2015
Where am I now? Project Coordinator for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

“Working as a co-op in the Center of Community Service was one of the most formative experiences I had at Northeastern. I had the opportunity to learn how programs are run within academia, which has been enormously helpful in my current position at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In addition to the specific skills that I developed by coordinating programs, placing volunteers, and communicating with community partners, working in CCS was a great way for me to develop into a working professional. The staff were always amazingly supportive and worked to guide me while allowing me to shape the role to best fit my skills and goals.”



Name: Barak Soreff
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2013
Where am I now? Enrollment and Community Outreach Manager at Camp Harborview

“Being a team member at Northeastern’s Center of Community Service was a great experience that provided me with opportunities to deeper explore both the community within the university as well as the larger Boston community. While I worked with the Service-Learning Program specifically, I enjoyed the flexibility to be able to collaborate with and learn from members of other programs housed within the Center. The skills and connections I made during my time there continue to positively impact the work I am doing in the Boston community post-graduation.”



Name: Stacey Anderson
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2014
Where am I now? Juris Doctorate Candidate at Widener University School of Law

“Working for Service-Learning was my first co-op and it was the perfect co-op and team to train me in how to be in a real professional setting with responsibilities. The position really challenged and strengthened my abilities in administrative duties, communication, leadership, critical thinking, and creativity. Lisa and Becca provided excellent guidance and support and trust in my work even when I was not so sure. I definitely continue to utilize the foundation the Service-Learning team gave me in working independently, effectively, and creatively while in law school.”


devon bettinson

Name: Devon Bettinson
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2014
Where am I now? Serving as a City Year AmeriCorps member in Detroit, Michigan.

“Working in the Service-Learning office was my first experience working in a team setting. Being able to work on a team taught me how important it is to be upfront with my needs, questions and concerns on our projects, which I learned to use through out the rest of my co-ops and will take with me on my next adventures. One of the greatest learning experiences was planning the Service-Learning EXPO, and my biggest take-away was learning how to think forward to anticipate all the needs of the presenters and attendees. As a bonus I was able to meet and befriend one of my best friends Stacey Anderson.”


caroline fried

Name: Caroline Fried
Co-op Program and Cycle: Civic Engagement Program, Spring 2014
Where am I now? Working in Taiwan as a Fulbright Grant winner

“Working in the Center of Community Service is a fantastic opportunity to get to know Northeastern and all of its partners around Boston! The office is such a wonderful community that opened up many leadership opportunities for me even after I had finished my co-op. The leadership experience I gained through CCS led undoubtedly helped lead to my selection as a Fulbright grantee in Taiwan this year!”


christine beluk

Name: Chrissy Beluk
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2014
Where am I now? Program Administrator at NYU Service and Graduate Student at the NYU Wagner School of Public Policy

“My co-op with the Service-Learning Program was undoubtedly one of the best opportunities I had at Northeastern. Working now as a Program Administrator with NYU Service, I find myself taking the lessons I learned from Northeastern’s Center for Community Service and applying it with community partners, students, and counterparts across the institution. Along with working at NYU, I’m also a Graduate Student at the NYU Wagner School of Public Policy studying Nonprofit Management. From my time with S-L, I’ve learned about the importance of developing strong relationships and approaching problems with an asset based community development perspective- invaluable lessons I use daily in both my studies and career.”



Name: Suzie Kim
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2015
Where am I now? AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow and Youth Programs Associate at Asian Community Development Corporation

“At my time with the Service-Learning program, Lisa and Becca really helped me develop my professional persona. My natural strengths are my passion, energy and raw creative energy. They not only celebrated my unique work style but also provided me with structure and the tools to use my energy productively and effectively. I’m forever grateful for the energy they put in to create a loving, caring and supportive environment for both me and my co-op counterpart during that cycle, Liza Ashley! (Shout outs to her for being an amazing rock star too!) Working at CCS also forged a direct career path to where I am now! I met Northeastern Crossing’s Derek Lumpkins when he first came to our office interview for his position now as the Director of Neighborhood & Partnerships. I co-oped at Northeastern Crossing the following spring where I met my current supervisor, Jeena Hah – the youth programs manager at Asian Community Development Corporation. It was a chain reaction that I’m grateful for everyday!”


lisa randall #1

Name: Lisa Randall
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2015
Where am I now? Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Endicott College

“The skills that I gained while working for the Service-Learning Program have been invaluable in so many ways. My experience as a Program Assistant writing news articles, managing social accounts, and building the Service-Learning blog (the S-Log) directly translated to the work that I did in my first job out of college as a Communications Assistant at the Boston University School of Education. Working with student leaders as both a Program Assistant as well as an S-LTA and S-LTM prepared me for my current role as Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Endicott College, where I oversee student groups like the Student Alumni Organization, the Senior Class Gift Committee, and our student-caller phoneathon program. I left my experience with the S-L program having gained professionalism and an increased passion for philanthropy.”


brooke schober

Name: Brooke Schober
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2015
Where am I now? Graduate Student at Boston University School of Social Work

“Completing a co-op with the Service-Learning program in CCS impacted me greatly by helping me identify and work towards things that I am passionate about. During my co-op, I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant, travel, improve my professional skills, plan large events, and join the center in working towards bettering our community and student body. I am currently getting my Masters in Social Work, a decision that was fostered and supported by the CCS community, and the experience that I had in CCS has created the foundation of the personal and professional skills that I bring to future workplaces.”



Name: Hannah Lee Flath
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2016
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as an Ambassador for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), a Human Services Representative on the CSSH Student Advisory Council, and a Program Assistant for the Northeastern Social Impact Lab

“My co-op with the Center of Community Service gave me valuable insight into program management and event planning in a nonprofit setting. These skills have been valuable throughout the rest of my career at Northeastern and will offer great talking points as I begin to apply for jobs this semester. More importantly, however, my co-op with CCS taught me a lot about my own working style and how to work with people whose working styles differ from my own. This self-awareness has been key to my professional and personal growth.”



Name: Emily Whidden
Co-op Program and Cycle: Co-Curricular Service, Spring 2016
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as a Dining Room Coordinator for Rosie’s Place

“The Center of Community Service was my first co-op, and the ideal foundation to begin my career in Human Services. CCS offers a supportive and encouraging environment that allows co-ops to develop skills, explore their interests, and network with organizations in the community, all while making a positive impact. Not only did I mature professionally through my time in the Center, but I also truly enjoyed the work and made life-long connections there!”


grace burke

Name: Grace Burke
Co-op Program and Cycle: Co-Curricular Service, Fall 2016
Where am I now? Clinical Social Work Intern at Los Angeles Unified School District

“I loved working at CCS because all full-time staff were invested in helping me grow professionally and personally. They were willing to take time to talk about post-grad options, read cover letters, and connect me with other professionals that could also offer guidance. I am currently in a masters of social work program and use the knowledge I gained at CCS all the time. I will be forever grateful for my CCS co-op!”



Name: Malia Bow
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2017
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as a co-op for WilmerHale

“My time at CCS really helped to evolve and development as a person. Everyone, especially my supervisors Becca Berkey and Lisa Roe, was supportive and encouraging of both my professional and personal goals. I was by no means even close to a perfect co-op, but CCS provided me an environment where I could learn from my mistakes. I am currently co-oping at WilmerHale, a large corporate law firm. CCS helped me narrow down what aspects of a job I connected with. Furthermore, CCS has made a huge impact on how I find value and personal meaning in community service. Every Wednesday, I volunteer through my firm teaching mock trial to Boston Public School middle school kids and it’s one of the highlights of my week I look forward to. I absolutely will continue to incorporate community service in whatever career path I pursue.”



Name: Jasmine Cheung
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2017
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as a co-op for Plan International

“Working as an S-L co-op has been an eye-opening, rigorous and enjoyable experience. Having limited work experience prior to my first co-op, I learned a tremendous amount here. From learning how to conduct myself in a professional setting, to other skills like building my confidence. I especially loved being on a smaller team, because everyone’s role was important and since co-ops are 50% of the team you get to do and learn so much more than if you were working for a bigger team. A few of the highlights from working here had to be serving as a Service-Learning Teaching Assistant, and leading a session with other co-ops for the MACC Conference at Bentley University. Through those two experiences, I learned to enjoy public speaking which is something I never thought would happen! (And if you need another reason to join the CCS office, the office snacks are the best!!) I am currently working in London, UK at an international children’s charity called Plan International, and am loving it so far! Through working with CCS, I realized that I wanted to continue being involved in the service sector, but also wanted to do something a little different and more hands on in the NGO’s/Charities/Social enterprise sector. I always had an inkling that I wanted to work for the service sector, but after being an S-L co-op and taking away all the lessons I’ve learned, I felt extra motivated, determined and confident that I could work at a charity. The soft skills I’ve developed over the course in working for CCS from forging relationships with my students, professor, and colleagues, or even learning how to be a good team member are all valuable skills that I have taken with me to my current co-op. If I didn’t work at CCS, I don’t think I would be as confident or as outspoken in sharing my ideas and opinions which is something I’ve always struggled with in school, so I’m grateful for all that CCS and especially Lisa and Becca have done to get me to where I am today.”



Name: Asta MacKie
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Fall 2017
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working part time as a Program Assistant for Service-Learning

“I’m so grateful for my time working as one of the Service-Learning co-ops! It allowed me to become involved on campus in a way that I hadn’t experienced before as a student, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to continue working for CCS as a part-time after my cycle ended. I’ve grown much more confident as a leader and as a student through this role, and can absolutely see the positive impact my experiences have had on my academics, professional goals, and future co-op aspirations. The entire office is so supportive and really advocates for their co-ops’ professional growth, and overall, its been an incredible experience that I’ve been so lucky to continue learning from!”



Name: Marisa Thomassie
Co-op Program and Cycle: Civic Engagement Program and NU|ACES, Fall 2017
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working part-time for the Civic Engagement Program and NU|ACES

“At the Center of Community Service, I was able to work with not only the staff of my own program but also the staff of the whole division – City and Community Affairs, Northeastern Crossing, and all the other CCS programs. I was able to learn about the structure and management of my own programs in addition to many of the others. Plus, I made a million connections! Half the people in CCS are AmeriCorps alums, and most people have worked in local government or the nonprofit sector before working here. AND, as university programs, student professional development is part of the job, so they’re super accommodating of individual goals for the co-ops. Overall, a wonderful experience!”



Name: Makaila Cerrone
Co-op Program and Cycle: Civic Engagement Program and NU|ACES, Spring 2018
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as the current Civic Engagement Program Assistant & Co-op

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with students, community partners, and other staff and faculty who are doing amazing things both at Northeastern and in the larger Boston community. The Center of Community Service helped me realize that AmeriCorps is the perfect experience for me post-college. I would never have known this if I had not had the opportunity to speak with so many coworkers in the office who also did AmeriCorps once they completed college. I’ve also realized that the perfect career for me would combine both social justice and service. Previously, I was social justice focused but I never realized how much service can tie into that and the two can go hand in hand.”


Eli 2

Name: Elias Miranda
Co-op Program and Cycle: Co-Curricular Service, Spring 2018
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as the current CCS Program Assistant & Co-op in the Curry office

“Working at the Center of Community Service has been a wonderful experience! Being in this role has strengthened my organizational and communication skills, while introducing me to a whole new side of the university. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with students and community organizations which has shown me the importance of building strong partnerships between Northeastern and the surrounding communities.”



Name: Amanda Tompkins
Co-op Program and Cycle: Service-Learning, Spring 2018
Where am I now? Student at Northeastern University and working as the current Service-Learning Program Assistant

“I am the current S-L co-op and am so please that I accepted the position! I have struggled finding ways to engage on campus and this semester I just went all in thanks to the connections I was making in CCS. It’s halfway through my co-op and I am on the Husky Volunteer Team, went on Alternative Spring Break to Chicago, and have gotten to do research for the faculty member that I am a Service-Learning Teaching Assistant for. I don’t think I would have had any of these opportunities if I hadn’t chosen this co-op position. It has also helped me to critically think about what I want to pursue in the future.”

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