#CapturingCommunity Suzie Kim


Role within service-learning: Service-Learning Program Associate

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning?

Once you start service-learning, you never go back to “regular” learning! I often used to say this as a joke but after going through a multitude of positions in the S-L program, I recognize that being part of S-L caused a huge paradigm shift for me.

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and service-learning work?

I firmly believe that all professions are human service professions – so moral/ethical community engagement should be a priority for all.  I think as students of a university, we’re often swept away by the narrative that we are volunteering to help “save” other people. It creates a space for honest reflection on the student’s’ parts of what their presence in their community means. I think it’s vital to be actively aware of your actions and to proactively learn how you can best complement others’ strengths.

If service-learning was a type of kitchen utensil what would it be?

Service-Learning reminds me of corn holders because it helps you get a grip on something that’s steaming and slippery. S-L gives you an ethical mindset and tools for reflection that help you stay self-aware during your service. Just like corn on the cob, you can technically do your service without it but it would be effective and less messy if you use the proper tools to aid you!

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