S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

Connecting S-L & STEM

Written by S-L Street Team member, Cassandra Barrett Many students perceive service-learning as something for Humanities majors, but little do STEM majors know, S-L is for everyone and is especially important for STEM majors. As a biology major, the core curriculum focuses on building our scientific and technical skillset. Often, our classes fail to explore… Continue reading Connecting S-L & STEM


Service-Learning Course Spotlight: Human Services Professions

By Haomu Chen, Street Team Member  It doesn’t matter if you have just finished celebrating the greatest comeback in the history of all sports, or you have just got through another draining day in the office of your first co-op, or you are about to go into another 100-page-long journey of reading or writing. Let us… Continue reading Service-Learning Course Spotlight: Human Services Professions