Community Walking Tours

by S-L Program Assistant & Co-op Haomu Chen Pictured above: A group of Honors students took a traditional selfie (without a selfiestick) at Villa Victoria. What do I talk about when I talk about Boston? What do I talk about when I talk about Boston? When I applied to Northeastern, I talked about how Boston... Continue Reading →

A Look at Three New Honors Service-Learning Courses

By Kris Fernandez, Lisa Randall, Shelby Sih, and Savannah Stewart The Northeastern University Honors Program and Service-Learning at Northeastern built upon their unique partnership this semester with the addition of three new courses. Northeastern Students and Boston-Area Youth See Theatre with an Enlightened Eye For a group of 15 Honors students, the art of theatre... Continue Reading →

Enhancing Honors with Service-Learning

By Lisa Randall and Noa Golan   The Honors Program at Northeastern University, according to their website, connects its students “to an active community of thinkers committed to making a difference.” That community, in addition to including a highly talented and motivated group of students, faculty, peer mentors, and staff, also includes the communities surrounding... Continue Reading →

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