Rewards & Recognitions

Service-Learning Faculty Scholarship & In the News: Summer & Fall 2019

Let’s take a moment to recognize how Service-Learning faculty members have been highlighted throughout the summer and fall in the news on campus and across Boston, as well as those who recently published in the area of service-learning and community engagement. This list is not exhaustive, but rather a small gathering of highlights we’ve collected over the past few months.

Summer 2019

Next in data visualization
May 6, 2019, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
Featuring Dr. Michelle Borkin (Khoury)

Becoming partners: Faculty come to appreciate undergraduates as teaching partners in a service-learning teaching assistant program
May 5, 2019, International Journal for Students as Partners
By Dr. Gail Begley (COS), Dr. Becca Berkey (S-L), Lisa Roe (S-L), and Dr. Hilary Schuldt (CATLR)

The local-mobile paradox: Missed innovation opportunities at local newspapers
May 15, 2019, Newspaper Research Journal
By Dr. Meg Heckman (CAMD) and John Wihbey (CAMD)

How I overcame decision paralysis
May 30, 2019, TEDx NortheaternU
Featuring Dr. Mary Steffel (DMSB)

Here’s a plan to reinvent the news media
June 4, 2019, News@Northeastern
Featuring Dr. John Wihbey (CAMD)

Community engagement and service-learning: Putting faces to a community to create better engineers
June 2019, FYEE 2019 National Conference Proceedings
By Dr. Katy Schulte Grahame (COE), Dr. Susan Freeman (COE), and Jake Levi (COE student)

How long will we live? The answer isn’t in a crystal ball. But it might in our brains.
July 5, 2019, News@Northeastern
Featuring Dr. Javier Apfeld (COS)

Fall 2019

A smart city is more than flying cars and sensors
September 18, 2019, News@Northeastern
Featuring Dr. Dan O’Brien (CSSH)

To solve the world’s problems, start small
November 15, 2019, News@Northeastern
Featuring Dr. Jennie Stephens (CSSH)

Holiday Shopping + Gift Giving
November 25, 2019, Here We Are podcast
Featuring Dr. Mary Steffel (DMSB)

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