S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

#CapturingCommunity-Javier Apfeld

Name: Javier Apfeld

Role within Service-Learning: S-L Faculty Member

College: College of Science

Department: Bioengineering

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and Service-Learning work?

I love that my students have a chance to connect the concepts about the new science of aging they are learning in the classroom with the life experiences of the seniors in the community that they meet though their service.

What is one thing everyone should know about Service-Learning?

It is a great way to bridge the gap between classroom and community!

If Service-Learning were an animal, what would it be and why?

A lichen, because the symbiotic algae and fungi that make up the lichen give and take from each other, and make something new, greater than the parts. I hope Service-Learning will help something similar happen between my classroom and the community!

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