S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

#CapturingCommunity: Olivia Watrous

Name: Olivia Watrous

Role within Service-Learning: S-L Teaching Assistant

College Affiliation: Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Major: Health Science

What is one thing everyone should know about Service-Learning?
One thing everyone should know about Service-Learning is that this program not only facilitates community engagement, but also fosters personal growth and development. The skills you can take away from a Service-Learning course are invaluable and undoubtedly enhanced my undergraduate experience.

Did you find Service-Learning or did Service-Learning find you?
I found Service-Learning during orientation when I chose an elective course to take. Although I was unsure just how meaningful and rewarding my experience would be, I was excited to engage in such a unique opportunity and continued my involvement in the S-L program ever since.

What is your favorite memory of Service-Learning?
My favorite memory of Service-Learning was on my last day of service as a student. My classmates and I had spent the semester teaching elementary school students about the importance of nutrition and physical activity, and we created such a special bond with the kids that they were excited to see us every week and drew us pictures on our final day of service as a thank-you.

If Service-Learning were an animal, what would it be and why?
If Service-Learning were an animal, it would be an ant because of the amount of teamwork and collaboration that goes into ensuring the program runs smoothly. Though this animal is small and often flies under the radar, no task is considered too big or too ambitious which embodies the spirit of Service-Learning.

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