T’was the night before the Virtual EXPO

T’was the Night Before the Virtual EXPO

Written by S-L Street Team Member Kelsie O’Flanagan

T’was the night before the EXPO, when all through our network,

Not a poster was present, not even just one.

The site was set up by Program Assistant Chelsea with care,

In hopes that the students projects will soon be there;

Professor Bunning is geared up all ready to go,

With search for Spring course inspiration soon to be known;

And Aneesha as an S-LTA and Asta on Street Team,

Have attended EXPOs before,

Express the new Virtual Format is quite a galore.

With the new, different perspective,

We are thrilled to learn.

When before there was one day of fun,

Now there is so much more.

Asta believes with the new format those are not present,

Can still have their experiences represented.

Stephenie Hou, one of our partners at LBFE,

Is most excited to see just what can be,

With the virtual viewing portion of the EXPO.

The networking to come,

Is just so rewarding and fun.

With Haley House a plenty,

Those who attend won’t be forgetting.

S-LTM Amanda’s S-love has only grown,

Which has her sense of gratitude at its peak.

She is most looking forward to not just one, not just two,

Chances to personally connect among those that want to.

Professor Avery-Miller believes it is so rare,

For those who work hard to have the place to celebrate their work and be there.

For her, the best part of the virtual EXPO is that,

All work will live on beyond this day, this class, this campus.

She certainly hopes that with this format,

There will be such inspiration to her future students,

And the community in which we work will see…

All the heart of just what Service-Learning is meant to be.

Happy EXPO to all and to all a great day!

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