#CapturingCommunity Catherine Stillerman


Role within service-learning: Jumpstart Site Manager

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning?

Service–Learning is fun! You are gaining experience and insight to important things that are currently happening in our community and our world. You are getting to put into practice what you are learning in class into real life situations. Students who do Jumpstart for service-learning gain hands on experience engaging and teaching language and literacy with preschool children. Through service-learning you can build robots with middle school students, create websites for an organization or read to children and all of those things are fun!

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and service-learning work?

In Jumpstart we empower the children with knowledge of the alphabet and exposure to many different types of stories. It is always reciprocal between those who are doing the service-learning and those receiving it with empowerment happening on both ends. Creating impactful positive growth is a goal to anything I approach. In order for this to happen we need to equip people around us with the tools to do this. People learn best when they are engaged and feeling connected to what is occurring so I always aim for Northeastern students to feel connected, engaged, and empowered when they are participating in training’s and out in the preschool doing service. Similarly we want the preschoolers also to be engaged and connected to what they are learning so we always look for a fun hands on approach for them to grasp the new skills the Northeastern students are teaching that meets the preschoolers interests and abilities.

If service-learning was a color what would it be?

It would be red. Not only is Jumpstart’s color red but red draws people’s attention with its bold color. Service–Learning addresses issues in our community that need attention. Red is also a color of love and compassion and through service–learning you are able to put your love and compassion to work.

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