Fall 2016 Service-Learning EXPO Recap

By Service-Learning Program Assistant and Co-op Haomu Chen

Jasmin and Imke from Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly sharing their story

The Fall 2016 Service-Learning EXPO has come and gone! The hour and a half showcase was as beautiful and smooth as a symphony. Speaking of symphony, it was our intention to make music the theme of this semester’s EXPO – community partners, S-L faculty members, S-LTAs, students, and the S-L team each play a part in the symphony and together we make a great melody!

Behind the lyrics of every favorite song, there is an untold story. We believe there is also an untold story behind every Service-Learning partnership. This time, we had the pleasure to host more than 200 student presenters from 28 courses and the chance to hear all of their stories. We also had the honor to hear from one of our exceptional community partners: Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly and their stories with the Service-Learning Program.

Each semester, we are amazed by the wide range of services/projects Service-Learning students and their community partners have accomplished in the past 4 months. This semester isn’t an exception: from writing tutoring to conversation partners, from building LEGO robotics to 2D drawing, and many more (click to see a complete list), these presentations make the Service-Learning EXPO a diverse and inclusive forum for the exchange of ideas and stories.

S-LTA Samantha Motsinger and the work of students from the 2D Fundamentals of Surface and Drawing class who partnered with Lower Roxbury Coalition

In case you were not able to attend the Fall 2016 Service-Learning EXPO, please visit our Facebook page to view live-recordings of the event and more amazing photos. News at Northeastern also did a recap of the EXPO, which you can read here!

In this frosty winter we would like to express our warmhearted thank you to all community partners for helping compose another amazing semester. Thank you to the Service-Learning Teaching Assistants, Service-Learning Team Managers, Faculty members, and Street Team members for your unwavering commitment and service to the program. Thank you to the Service-Learning Advisory Board (S-LAB), the Center of Community Service, and City and Community Affairs for your consistent behind-the-scenes support and guidance.

Although this semester has come to an end, Service-Learning will be back soon in 2017 and we cannot wait to see you again at the Spring 2017 Service-Learning EXPO in April!

Happy Holidays!

The Service-Learning Team at Northeastern

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