#CapturingCommunity Nicole Ganci


Role within Service-Learning: Student participant

Service-Learning course: Human Rights in the 21st Century

Did you find service-learning or did service-learning find you? Talk about how you entered this community. The service-learning community found me. I entered this community by chance when the class I signed up for had a service-learning component.  

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? Taking what I’ve learned about in theory in the classroom and applying it to service in the community has added a new dimension to the way I think about learning.

If your Service-Learning community was a color, what would it be and why? My Service-Learning community would be orange. With students in my class doing work with different community partners, everyone brings something fresh and exciting to the classroom. Orange is bright and vibrant, and a little more unique, which sums up how this service-learning experience has impacted my human rights course.

Photo and interview by Liza Ashley

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