Congratulations to the Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare Seminar Service-Learning Course Partnership!

Northeastern University’s Community Engagement Awards celebrate partnerships involving students, neighborhood organizations and/or residents, faculty, administrators, and staff from the campus and community that are committed to creating reciprocal partnerships that are mutually respectful, socially and ethically responsive, strategic, and purposeful. Congratulations to the Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare Seminar service-learning course partnership for winning one of six... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity Jordan Metcalf

Role within service-learning: I worked with Professor Hayward at TOPS soccer, which is a soccer camp for children primarily with autism spectrum disorders. Did you find service-learning or did service-learning find you? Service-Learning found me through my physical therapy curriculum. What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? It creates a desire for service work... Continue Reading →

Service-Learning in Physical Therapy

By Ashlee Folkes Service-Learning is a great opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom. I took a Service-Learning class my freshman year and it is still one of my favorite classes thus far. Therefore, I am excited to be able to take part in another Service-Learning class. Service-Learning is a chance to see real life... Continue Reading →

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