Four Places to Volunteer for the Busy Individual

By Iris Zeng¬† In the midst of studying for midterms, working on group projects, participating in extracurricular activities, and going on co-op, it can be difficult to find time to explore and serve the community around us. Luckily for us, the Boston area has many different opportunities to get involved and address the diverse needs … More Four Places to Volunteer for the Busy Individual

#ShowMeYourAssets; What is asset-based community development?

What is it?¬† Phillips and Pittman (2009) defined asset-based community development as: “The idea is to build capacity within a community–to build and strengthen a community’s assets. In contrast to focusing on problems and needs, this alternative approach…is focused on a community’s capacity rather than on its deficits.” Why is it important? Becca Berkey writes,”Asset-based … More #ShowMeYourAssets; What is asset-based community development?