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Service-Learning Behind the Scenes: Summer & Fall 2019

In addition to supporting 50+ service-learning courses, faculty, and associated community partnerships each semester, our team has been working nonstop behind the scenes to continue to build upon the portfolio of resources and opportunities we provide to those across our network. Here are some highlights we’re particularly excited about:

Self-Guided Faculty Onboarding Module – This was created to help new (and experienced!) faculty make the most out of their partnership with our program. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and we encourage faculty interested in exploring service-learning to dive right in.

Faculty Communication Timeline  This resource is an overview of the various programmatic communications faculty can expect to receive from our program in relation to their course each semester to ensure a quality program and partnerships.

Working with your S-LTA: A Toolkit for Faculty – This summer we built out a series of resources and materials for faculty to be more transparent and communicative about the goals and expectations of the S-LTA program, as well as to help faculty and S-LTAs make the most of their professional relationships. Included in the toolkit is the new Faculty & S-LTA Collaboration Agreement which we’re asking all faculty/S-LTA pairs to complete and submit by the second week of the semester.

Faculty Resource Website – This resource website recently received a re-vamp and in addition to information on what is listed above, includes direction and resources related to:

  • Course & Syllabus Design
  • Preparing Students for Service
  • Collaborating with your Community Partners
  • Collaborating with your S-LTA
  • Program Evaluation & Assessment
  • Faculty, Research, & Publicly Engaged Scholarship

Community Partner Resource Website – This resource website for all service-learning community partners also got some updates, most notably sections related to Collaborating with a Faculty Member and Preparing Students for Service.

Community Walks – We continue to collaborate with our colleagues across City & Community Affairs and the Community Advisory Board to improve the Community Walks offered by the Service-Learning Street Team to be more reflective of recent city-wide initiatives and community voice.

Service-Learning Teaching Assistant Training – Over the years we’ve moved our S-LTA training to be 100% online. This summer training got a makeover to provide more context to Service-Learning at Northeastern, collaborating with the Street Team, and centering the community and social justice in our work (just to name a few highlights).  

Partnership Orientation – Partnership Orientation has been a staple of our program for years, but in it’s newest iteration as of Summer 2019 we host the event in the form of course partnership meetings to provide a space for faculty, community partners, and S-LTAs to connect more intentionally about their shared goals and talk through the logistics of the course partnership. Course meetings are staggered throughout the day so that people will have time to connect and plan as needed without committing to a full day.

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