S-L Student & Faculty Reflections

#CapturingCommunity: Shiko Githere

Name: Shiko Githere

Role in Service-Learning: S-L Street Team Member

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

What is one thing everyone should know about Service-Learning?

I think that everyone should know that there are a lot of different sides to Service-Learning at NU and a lot of different ways to get involved! Regardless of whether you have plenty of time in your schedule or just a bit, S-L is a perfect way to connect with the community.

Did you find Service-Learning or did Service-Learning find you?

Honestly, Service-Learning kind of found me! I really wanted to take Missy McElligott’s Inquiries of Biology course and I didn’t realize it had an S-L component. But after starting service and getting to know the kids we were teaching Biology lessons to, I began to really see how great S-L is and how well it worked for me and my schedule. I definitely wanted to continue with the S-L in some way.

What is your favorite memory of Service-Learning?

One of my favorite moments from S-L was during the Fall 2018 semester when I was a TA. As a final project in their First-Year Writing course, the students had to create deliverables about their service. Seeing how great their projects turned out was awesome and I loved seeing how much they were able to take away from their semester.

If Service-Learning were a food, what would it be and why?

If Service-Learning were a food, I think it would be an onion because it has lots of layers and sides to it. S-L is a great addition to any classroom, just like an onion is a great addition to any dish!

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