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Reconceptualizing Faculty Development in Service-Learning/Community Engagement

Congratulations to Director of Service-Learning, Becca Berkey on the release of her new book!

“The role of educational developer in the realm of service-learning and community engagement (S-LCE) is multidimensional. Given the potentially transformational nature–for both faculty and students–of the experiences and courses in whose design they may be directly or indirectly involved, as well as their responsibility to the communities served by these initiatives, they have to be particularly attentive to issues of identity, values, and roles. As both practitioners and facilitators, they are often positioned as third-space professionals.”

“Reconceptualizing Faculty Development in Service-Learning/Community Engagement” analyzes multiple approaches to faculty development regarding service-learning and community engagement for educational developers as well as professional in the field of community engagement.

Written with a self-reflective lens, Prof. Becca Berkey and her contributors offer various examples and models, coupled with practical strategies, to empower readers to expand faculty development of service-learning and community engagement in their own communities and campuses. This book also acts as a call-to-action, asking people to recognize the need to improve service-learning and community engagement and to broaden the efforts to have S-LCE integrated into institutional curricula at all levels.

The book highlights and addresses the field’s potential contributions to scholarship, including the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), public engagement scholarship, and collaborative inquiry, in addition to others.

The case studies discussed outline program models and practices, including an honest analysis of the context in which these models and practices operate, and evidence that brings to light both successes and challenges of the aforementioned approaches.

The chapters included are organized under four themes: the landscape of faculty development and community engagement; models of faculty development in S-LCE; challenges and opportunities in pedagogy and partnerships; and engendering change in educational development.

Want to learn more? Swing by 90 Snell Library on Tuesday, October 9th from 12pm-1pm for Becca’s Faculty Author Talk! The event is free and lunch will be served.

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