Top 5 Posts to Help Prepare for Service-Learning!

Start the Fall Semester off right with a few tips and tricks to make the most of your Service-Learning course.

Below are the top 5 posts, hand-picked to help you have a great S-L experience!

1. “What You Can Expect to Learn at Your Service Site”

Everyone knows the most basic approach to gathering information starts with six questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how. You’ll already have learned the where and when of your service project—now as you dive more deeply into the organization, it’s time to learn the why, what, how, and who. This article helps guide you through answering these questions to provide a framework as you learn more about your organization and figure out the role you will play in their structure.

2. “Center of Community Service Informational Videos: Asset-Based Community Development


For those of you new to Service-Learning, or those who just need a refresher, this video provides an introduction to asset-based community development, one of the core principles of Service-Learning!


3.  “Four Benefits of Partnering with a Service-Learning Program


We hear plenty of reasons why Service-Learning programs add value to students’ educations, but what about the partner organizations? Here you’ll find four ways community-based organizations benefit from partnering with a Service-Learning program.


4. “Supervisor– The Biggest Resource on Site

Arguably, your supervisor is one of the biggest resource at the service site of your community partner. They are well-trained professionals in the field and are definitely knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions. This article outlines some suggestions of how to better utilize this amazing resource!


5. “Reflection from a Fifth Year


And lastly, hear from seasoned Street Team Member Claire on her experiences with Service-Learning “my experience here would not have been half as great without the Service-Learning Program, and it added value to my education that I would have not gotten in another program or another school.”


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