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Travel the World with Service-Learning: The United Kingdom

Travel the World withService-Learning_ Zambia (7)

By Service-Learning Program Assistant Asta MacKie

Northeastern University is well known for encouraging students to gain learning experiences abroad, and Service-Learning plays an important role in this opportunity. Read on to learn from some of the faculty members and past and present Service-Learning Student Leaders in our network about their own experiences participating in Service-Learning while abroad in the United Kingdom! To learn more about opportunities in Zambia, Ecuador, Ireland, and Greece, check out our series on the S-Log!

londonasta 2
London, England (Photo Source: Asta MacKie)

Dialogue of Civilizations in London, England

In addition to the Zambia Dialogue, Professor Lori Gardinier hosts the Service-Learning based Dialogue to London, England.  There, students work with local NGOs in varying roles depending on the goals of the organization.  Past projects have included supporting housing programs or job training for individuals experiencing homelessness or supporting refugee organizations in their efforts.  In class, the students prepare for their service through their studies and connect their experiences to the overall topic of Intercultural Human Services. They learn about the relationship between the NGOs in the United Kingdom and the United States and how they’ve learned from one another, with an emphasis on the context and contemporary issues surrounding migration, immigration, and the refugee crisis.  The Service-Learning component of the dialogue allows students to bring contextualize these topics through hands-on experiences.

Source: Lori Gardinier


Upcoming Opportunities!

Are you inspired to set out on your own Service-Learning journey abroad?  Check out these upcoming Dialogue of Civilizations for Summer 2018!

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