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Service-Learning Faculty in the News: 2017

By Service-Learning Program Assistant & Co-op Asta MacKie


Let’s take a moment to recognize how Service-Learning faculty members have been highlighted throughout 2017 in the news on campus and across Boston!


1/20/17 – Best Posts of the Week: Jan. 15 to Jan. 20 – featuring S-L faculty member and Director of Service-Learning Becca Berkey

Source: News@Northeastern


Above: Stephen Flynn, Margaret Burnham, Carole Bell, and Jonathan Kaufmann speak on a panel as part of the US Democracy – Civility Series held in the Curry Ballroom on January 24th, 2017. Photo by Adam Glanzman/ Northeastern. (source: News@Northeastern).

1/26/2017 – Transitioning from Obama to Trump: A Guide – featuring S-L faculty member Rebecca Riccio

Source: News@Northeastern








2/8/17 – Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom – featuring S-L faculty member Kara Braciale

Source: News@Northeastern


3/8/2017 – Meet Some of Northeastern’s Newest Faculty for 2016-2017 – featuring S-L faculty members Sharon Harlan, Cody Dunne, Keith Smith, and Curtis Odom

Source: News@Northeastern


David Fannon, assistant professor in the School of Architecture
Above: David Fannon, assistant professor in the School of Architecture, looking on during a class in November 2016. (source: News@Northeastern).

3/17/17 – Co-op in the Classroom: David Fannon – featuring S-L faculty member David Fannon

Source: News@Northeastern






6/27/2017 – What’s on Your Summer Reading List? Here’s What Faculty Are Digging Into – featuring S-L faculty member Lorna Hayward

Source: News@Northeastern


Above: A mural in the Global Experience Office, which oversees the Dialogue of Civilizations Program. Photo by Matthew Modoono/ Northeastern University. (source: News@Northeastern).

7/12/17 – How to Develop a Successful Dialogue of Civilizations Program – featuring S-L faculty member Lori Gardinier

Source: News@Northeastern






Sue Freeman & Benjamin Harris
Above: Sue Freeman and her son Ben Harris have been part of the Northeastern community for more than 40 years. Photo by Modoono/Northeastern University. (source: News@Northeastern).

7/24/17 – For Six Decades, The Freemans Have Called Northeastern Home – featuring S-L faculty member Sue Freeman

Source: News@Northeastern






8/8/2017 – If These Walls Could Talk: The Architectural History of The White House – featuring S-L faculty member David Fannon

Source: News@Northeastern


8/22/17 – Hot Take: Heat Waves Scorch Unsuspecting Cities – featuring S-L faculty member Sharon Harlan

Source: News@Northeastern


10/25/17 – Professors Uncover Lost Stories of WWII Refugee-Scholars – featuring S-L faculty member Michelle Borkin

Source: News@Northeastern


10/31/2017 – What’s New? – Episode 4: Enabling Engineering – featuring S-L Faculty member Waleed Meleis

Source: What’s New?


11/17/2017 – Boston Civic Media Cohort Takes on Climate Changefeaturing S-L faculty member Sharon Harlan

Source: Boston Civic Media


Above: Faculty member Elise Dallimore (source: News@Northeastern)

11/30/17 – For Professor, Foster Parenting is ‘Most Important Thing I Will Ever Do’ – featuring S-L faculty member Elise Dallimore

Source: News@Northeastern

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