Service-Learning in the Different Colleges & Programs


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By Bree Hussong, Fall 2017 S-L Street Team

Northeastern has always been dedicated to providing as many extraordinary experiences as possible, across all colleges, and service-learning is no different! Regardless of your major, there is a chance for any Northeastern student to take a service-learning course. The above graphic provides a mere sampling of the 50+ service-learning courses across campus this semester.

Service-Learning has no boundaries. Service does not depend on whether you are a math, theater, or international affairs major. You can serve in any setting, at any time, and with anyone, as long as you are applying your skills to assist the wonderful work of Northeastern’s community partners. Regardless of the discipline, there is always an opportunity to be found that provides students with a chance to serve with a community partner and enhance classroom learning.

What should students be learning? For healthcare majors, it is important for students’ to have experience interacting with patients and improving communication skills; a service-learning course offers them the chance to get more exposure to real-world experiences. A student in a marketing class, however, may benefit more from a teamwork aspect and learning about collaboration of ideas to make a successful campaign. For those who are taking a language course, service-learning provides them with a chance to practice their speaking, writing, and reading skills in a different environment. It is helpful for students to take a step in stride with their classroom learning and apply their skills in an experiential way.

Different service-learning classes have different learning outcomes in mind, related to the skills needed in the discipline. However, service-learning courses across all colleges result in similar benefits in personal and professional development. No matter your major, you can benefit from networking with local organizations, learning from others’ experiences, teaching others based off of your knowledge, and the amazing feeling you get from knowing you helped a community partner keep achieving its goals in our neighboring communities.

Do any of the classes listed in the graphic sound interesting to you? Then, look out for them and more in future semesters! Do you have an idea on how service-learning can apply to your major? Maybe you have a specific class or community partner at which to serve in mind? Talk to a professor or the Center of Community Service about your ideas!

Be on the lookout for a series of posts which will focus on Service-Learning’s role in each of our colleges and programs!

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