#CapturingCommunity Lauren Swank



Role within service-learning: Service-Learning Teaching Assistant

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? 

Know the importance of the hyphen! Volunteering in the community is such a wonderful opportunity that students in the Service-Learning department get to be a large part of. These experiences teach us important lessons– as long as you stay open-minded and immerse yourself in your service. Once I fully embraced my service as a student- I gained incredible knowledge and skills to benefit my studies.

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and service-learning work?

I have a deep passion for helping first-generation students as I am one myself. I was partnered with Breakthrough Boston my first semester on campus and LOVED my work with them! I was able to tutor a first-gen student and watch her as she, at first, hated the idea of college– to looking for a school that fit her personality and interests. I believe that everyone deserves education– and by working with this organization, I was able to offer my skill set to these intelligent, hardworking students.

If service-learning was a kitchen utensil what would it be?

Service-Learning would totally be a spork

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