#CapturingCommunity Amy Stahl


Role within service-learning: Massachusetts Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? 

Service-Learning can be a fantastic resource for community organizations. Generation Citizen has benefited hugely from partnering with NU Service-learning. We’ve gained traditional program volunteers as well as talented Computer Science majors who have developed tech far beyond what we had the capacity to do on our own.

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and service-learning work?

As an AmeriCorps*VISTA serving through the Massachusetts Campus Compact, I’m dedicated to integrating civic engagement into university systems and leveraging universities’ resources to benefit their local communities. Service-Learning, in its infinite adaptability, furthers both of those goals.

If service-learning was a color what would it be?
Service-Learning would be, um… a salad server set, because… duality and adaptability. Yes.

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