#CapturingCommunity Emily Bruno


Role within service-learning: Service-Learning Fellow and Faculty Member in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders within Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Service-Learning course: SLPA 1200 Phonetics

Did you find service-learning or did service-learning find you?

Kind of both. I started doing service-learning in my class before I knew it was a real thing. Then I heard about the service-learning program at NEU and I applied to become a fellow.

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning?

Although they share similar features, service-learning and community service are not the same.

How are your values expressed through your community engagement and service-learning work?

I value diversity in languages, cultures, and ethnicities. I also know how it feels to be a non-native speaker of a language or an outsider in a culture. As a result, I added a service-learning component to my Phonetics course in which my students pair up with an individual in the community who is not a native speaker of English. My students help them with their speech and language (particularly pronunciation) by using the knowledge gained in my course. My students also get exposure to individuals from different parts of the world and can gain a new perspective by working with them.

Interested in becoming a Service-Learning Fellow in Fall 2017? Faculty members should apply by May 12, 2017. The Service-Learning (S-L) Program and CATLR are co-sponsoring this initiative, which includes examination of the service-learning and evidence-based teaching literature, collegial sharing with faculty and community members, and implementation of a service-learning course or component (project-based or other). Participants will build knowledge and awareness related to enhancing student learning and engagement, connecting courses with social issues, and strengthening community relationships.


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