Congratulations Danielle Dottor, Recipient of the 2016-2017 Course-Community Collaboration Award

2016-2017 Course-Community Collaboration Award

The annual Course-Community Collaboration Award celebrates Northeastern’s Service-Learning faculty, students, student leaders, and community partners who have made an exceptional impact through their partnership.

Congratulations S-L Student Danielle Dottor!

Nominated by Rachel Kirk of Hyde Square Task Force
Human Services Professions with Dr. Lori Gardinier
College of Social Sciences & Humanities


“Danielle Dottor has been one of Hyde Square Task Force’s most engaged and involved volunteers this year and it is with great pleasure that we nominate her for the 2016-2017 Course-Community Collaboration Award. Danielle began volunteering with Hyde Square Task Force as an AP History tutor in the Fall and since then has been a great support to several of the youth in our programs. Our general expectation is that tutors meet with one student for two hours once a week, however Danielle began meeting with the youth who we paired her with, Edelind, multiple times throughout the week and during the weekend in addition to holding tutoring sessions over the phone when they could not meet in person. Danielle also took it upon herself to hold group tutoring sessions for several of our other youth who needed academic support as well. Not only did Danielle make her tutoring sessions engaging and productive, but she would also take time beforehand to prepare study materials for the youth that she was working with. We never asked or expected any of this from her, but we were continually impressed by the initiative that Danielle took in making sure that these students succeeded academically…Edelind as well as the staff at Hyde Square Task Force feel that Danielle has gone above and beyond the commitment that we ask for and has a clear understanding of our mission and we could not think of a person who is more deserving of this award.” – Rachel Kirk, Hyde Square Task Force


Pictured above: Becca Berkey, Danielle Dottor, and Lisa Roe at the Spring 2017 Service-Learning EXPO

Honorable Mentions

Michelle Borkin, Faculty Member
Nominated by Zirui (Linda) Yan, S-L Teaching Assistant

“It is the very first time that DS4200—Information Presentation and Visualization—is labeled as a S-L course and is the second course in the College of Computer Science to join the S-L program. I want to nominate my faculty member in this course, Michelle Borkin, since she was doing a conscious effort in supporting S-L program and making a good and solid relationship with community partners”

Julian Lee, S-L Student
Nominated by Mackenzie Montgomery, S-L Teaching Assistant

“When I told Julian he could count his Jumpstart service towards our class requirement, he quickly said he wanted to do [Maverick Landing Community Services] as well. He thought it would be a great way to compare early childhood and adolescence and the efforts being made to support these two groups…I was thoroughly impressed by Julian’s initiative and “big picture” perspective about service, especially in a First-Year Writing course. Julian clearly has an understanding of why S-L is important, and wants to do everything he can to get the most out of these civic experiences.”

Anna Michaelson, S-L Student
Nominated by Amy Stahl of Generation Citizen, Community Partner

“Her consistent responsiveness to communication, her admirable management of two Democracy Coach roles (which no college volunteer has ever done before!), and her great attitude have made Anna an invaluable member of GC this semester. Both of her BPS classroom teachers have told us what a good job she’s doing working with the 7th and 9th graders in their classrooms.”

Aarambh Prahan, Camila Simons, Lily Fielding, and Blair Childs-Biscoe, S-L Students
Nominated by Alex Peterson, S-L Student

“Each person has set aside time to meet as a team, and has tireless worked to coordinate their efforts individually as well….All members of this group put in extra time individually and a s a team to contribute to a multi-facetted project that will help spread the Oxfam Poultry Worker Justice Campaign to the NU campus and beyond. I am so proud of their work and efforts.”

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