Reflection from a Tutor at Boston Scholar Athletes

By Olivia Zou

Olivia is an international student in the America Classroom Program in the College of Professional Studies. She served as a weekly tutor at Boston Scholar Athletes in Fall 2016 as part of her Community Learning course.

I go to Boston Scholar Athletes every Monday to help out high school students with their homework and college applications at Madison Park High School. This program is mainly about encouraging students to achieve and make their goals both academically and athletically for free. I really enjoy the time with the students and teachers there because of their warmth. They are actively helping out with one another as much as they can. It inspires me to contribute to the society more because people can make a lot of difference by a tiny bit of help to the others.

Pictured: Olivia Zou and Lisa Roe at the Fall 2016 Service-Learning EXPO.

Before coming to Boston Scholar Athletes, I never thought that I could help anyone with their History homework because English is not my native language. I feel embarrassed by speaking in English in front of others. I know that my accent or grammar may cause other people’s confusions, but my supervisor gave me a chance and encouraged me to teach one student’s History homework. I did it! I read through his history book and finished his homework on my own paper, I thought and explained his course materials clearly until he understood totally. I feel extremely proud and excited for my accomplishment because I overcame my difficulty. It dramatically enhanced my confidence in myself because I accomplished something that I thought I could never do. I feel happy not only because the student’s thankful [appreciation] but also my supervisor’s encouragement. His words and faith in me made a huge difference for me. I also feel thankful to that student for giving me (whom doesn’t speak English) fluently patient and trust.

There are reasons why this service attracts me and give me warmth. Moreover, I learned that one can help another even if it’s only one sentence or word from Boston Scholar Athletes. I believe that anyone would be touched if she or he can come [be a weekly partner]. In the future, I will become more active to help and encourage others in order to make the society better.

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