Reasons Why Service-Learning is the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

By Service-Learning Street Team member Tyler Nicholson


With the end of the Fall semester looming, the winter months and holiday season are fast upon us. Winter not only brings a lot of commonly celebrated holidays, it also brings the cold. It REALLY brings the cold. Between runs to class in the frigid weather and dodging the rain and snow and sleet (or an off-putting combination of all three), I like to think about all of the great things going on in my world and the world in general. And what better gift to consider than Service-Learning and all of the ways it makes our worlds better as students?

1) The awesome friends you make!

I know personally throughout my Service-Learning experience that I made incredible friends. Northeastern and the surrounding communities are filled with such rich and interesting people, and you frequently find yourself crossing paths and forming friendships with fascinating humans. Whether you’re an S-LTA, a street team member, or a student working with a community partner, the sense of comradery is one of the best gifts you can receive.

2) There’s something for everyone!

Just last year, there were 79 Service-Learning courses offered here at Northeastern in so many different subject areas! Whether you’re interested in Biology or Spanish or Conceptual Drawing, there’s a Service-Learning course that plays on your interests!

3) It can take you around the world!

Several of the Dialogues of Civilization that Northeastern offers have Service-Learning components. Service-Learning isn’t just a big part of the Northeastern community- it’s a part of the global community as well! Service-Learning was part of dialogues in Zambia, Costa Rica, England, and Ghana this past summer, so you can snag those passport stamps while still being involved in a rich and fulfilling program!

4) It takes you out of your comfort zone!

One of the great things about Service-Learning is that sometimes it can be uncomfortable. You can be exposed to new environments you aren’t familiar with, or you could end up helping out in a way that seems foreign to you. However, these end up being really enriching experiences to have, and give a better look into what the world is like outside of our “campus bubble”, which is easy to lose sight of if you aren’t involved in off campus service.

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