Fall-ing in Love With Our New Community Partners


By Street Team Member Ben Sanders

With the start of each semester, our Service-Learning family here at Northeastern gets a little bigger with the addition of new community partners. All of these organizations do such amazing work all across Boston’s communities and we are very excited that they have partnered with us.  Why not give them a proper welcome by featuring 10 of our new community partners and highlighting the work they do in their communities:

First up, we have the Asian Community Development Corporation which serves to improve the health, sustainability, and quality of life in the Asian American community of Boston by creating strong and vibrant neighborhoods. This corporation devotes efforts to providing affordable housing to these communities and preserving Chinatown as a cultural hub of Boston.

We also can check-up on the Boston Public Health Commission which is an independent coalition that provides a wide range of health services and programs with an emphasis placed on public service and access to quality health care to all residents of Boston.

Next we tune in to and listen to how they manage to utilize broadcast journalism as a catalyst for building job skills, self-esteem, and leadership by training more than 75 teen girls each year in several aspects of outreach, radio production, and programming through this after-school program.

There’s no arguing that the Boston Debate League was founded to support the formation of debate teams in local high schools and to reinforce the use of academic debate as a regular teaching technique in the classroom. In partnership with Boston Public Schools, this organization not only aims to improve the lives of students, but also tackles districts as a whole to build and support the use of debate in the academic environment.

There is more than just microscopic work happening at the Community Academy for Science & Health which takes pride in preparing students from diverse backgrounds to meet their own personal, academic, and career goals by helping them develop skills and confidence in order to pursue careers and studies in the sciences and health fields.

English for New Bostonians makes it easy for anyone to understand their goal of providing increased English language learning opportunities to Boston’s immigrant residents so they can learn and incorporate English into their lives, and allow them to fulfill their roles as community members.

Let’s get down to business…to create an economy in Massachusetts that is green and supports local and independent businesses. At least that’s what the Sustainable Business Network of MA has planned as the leading organization of sustainable business in the state. They have raised the bar on what is expected from the business community.

You may have seen them on campus before, but now The Fresh Truck has rolled into our S-L network, and brought with them their mission of creating heath-centered food cultures in Boston communities by bringing their “mobile grocery store” into communities that find it difficult to access and shop for healthy foods.

Then, there is Community Work Services whose amazing work provides effective job training, placement, and support services to unemployed adults which allows them to overcome barriers to employment and effectively enter the workforce and become economically self-sufficient.

Talk about preventative maintenance, the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics and Mayor Walsh are looking forward to exploring new technologies and designs, especially how they can be utilized along with policy to improve opportunities. The program strengthens relations between the government and its residents by forming partnerships between internal agencies and external entrepreneurs to spearhead projects that address their needs.

We look forward to working with these organizations to achieve their community goals!

***This is not a complete list of all new Service-Learning Partners. For a full list of our Community Partners, go here.***

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