Fall 2016 IARSLCE Presentations


This year, 11 Northeastern University faculty members, staff, and students traveled to New Orleans to participate in the annual International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) conference. While there, our Northeastern contingent contributed several presentations about research that they are currently working on. We are proud of our team for representing Service-Learning at Northeastern  and for their constant dedication to contributing their scholarship to the field of service-learning and community engagement.


Becca Berkey, Brooke Schober, and Barak Soreff – Emergent Design: Addressing the Needs of Multiple Stakeholders through University Structures

Lori Gardinier, Emily Mann, and Harumi Harakawa Harigome – Impacts of Compulsory Service in Undergraduate Education: An Evaluation of Civic Engagement
Co-developed by Hilary Sullivan and Mark Este who were unable to attend the conference


Maria Brucato – Course Model: Hispanic Studies and Community Engagement


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