Spring 2016 EXPO was Out of this World!

The Spring 2016 Service-Learning EXPO has come and gone! The hour and a half showcase was as fleeting and fascinating as a speeding comet.

The theme of this semester’s EXPO was space galaxy – so fittingly, this year’s event took place in  a space much different from EXPOs past. The usual eating/study space on the ground floor of Curry Student Center’s West Addition was emptied of chairs and outfitted with tri-folds and laptops. Presenters were glowing in anticipation, bathed in the sunlight streaming through the large stretch of windows.

At 10:00 am, the event blasted off! With more than fifty student presentations, guests

S-L Faculty Member Jamal Thorne with his students.

were zipping across the space in order to get enough time to visit them all. Even if you’ve been in the S-L orbit in prior semesters, you may have noticed a few colorful additions to the EXPO. Jamal Thorne’s 2D Fundamentals of Art students made their second EXPO appearance with a showcase featuring artwork by both Northeastern students and the high school students from Artists for Humanity. The vibrant colors of the artwork caught the eye of many visitors by the registration table.

Hannah Flath delivering the event’s opening remarks.

Around 10:10 am, Hannah Flath, the Service-Learning Program Assistant gave her opening remarks to welcome Northeastern faculty, students, staff, and community partners.

Later, Director of the Service-Learning Program, Becca Berkey and Assistant Director, Lisa Roe presented the Course-Community Collaboration award. It was given to Professor Mike Wientraub’s Software Development students for their work with the Boston Housing Authority’s Volunteer Interpreter’s Program. The recipients included Jack Burns, Stefan Cepko, Brian Cox, Zach Gawlick, Xiangyu Li, Joseph Maxwell, Tevin Otieno, Anu Singh, and Tim Wright.

Director of the Service-Learning Program Becca Berkey presenting the Course-Community Collaboration award.

The entire event came to a close at 11:30:00 am.

Whether this was your first S-L EXPO or your eighth, the culmination of a semester’s fantastic partnerships never ceases to be amazing. The EXPO really highlights the incredible constellation of stars that are a part of the S-L Program’s sky. As always, thank you to the S-L students who have worked so hard throughout the semester. You make our S-L planet the brightest in the galaxy.

Thank you to all the community partners that make up our S-L universe. We revolve around your steadfast support and dedication to our partnership.

Thank you to the Service-Learning Teaching Assistants, Service-Learning Team Managers, and Street Team members for your endless commitment and service to the program. You were essential to a successful semester.

Thank you to the Service-Learning Advisory Board (S-LAB), the Center of Community Service, and City and Community Affairs for your consistent guidance and behind-the-scenes support.

Last but not least, thank you to the S-L Team – Becca Berkey, Lisa Roe, David Draper, Ruthanne Bandy and especially Hannah Flath – for being the gravitational force that pulled us all together for this fantastic event!

Although this semester has come to a close, the Service-Learning EXPO will be back very soon. Until then, let’s blast off into the Fall 2016 semester – and to infinity and beyond!


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