A Year of Firsts

By Ben Sanders

IMG_1554As a freshman, I really went head first into Service-Learning not knowing much about the program in general. The whole process kicked off in my First-Year Writing course where I established a strong connection with the intention behind service-learning, and then next thing I knew, I was joining the Street Team! So why did I want to become a trailblazer?

I was really looking to remain involved in Service-Learning in some way, shape, or form, but in a setting that would also advance some of my own personal goals. With my first service experience over, I had the intention to continue being an active member in Northeastern’s surrounding communities, so that’s where the Street Team came into play. This opportunity allowed me to maintain and extend my own relationships by meeting community partners at orientation tours, connecting with S-L faculty to listen to their experiences, and listening to S-LTA’s as they gave update on their own classes.

As much as I was passionate about the S-L program, I also was looking for something that could improve the way I present myself professionally and help me achieve some personal goals. I especially found that being a member of the Street Team allowed me to both improve my interpersonal and leadership skills. Additionally, I definitely benefitted, both in terms of future and current usage, when we discussed conflict management and identified the styles and strategies that would work best for me.

This semester, I really enjoyed having a group meeting which allowed for brainstorm and integration of constructive ideas for our roles in the program. I especially loved reaching out to faculty and community partners to hear about their experiences with the Service-Learning Program. Lastly, I enjoyed having the ability, as a freshman, to be a student leader and a representative of the program here at Northeastern.

So, if you were just exposed to Service-Learning, are currently part of the program now, or recalling past experiences, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the program. If you’re not so sure how you want to get involved, why not check out the Street Team (aka “The Dream Team”)? If you haven’t guessed already, we’re pretty cool.

For details on how YOU can apply to join the Fall 2016 Service-Learning Street Team, click here!

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