Honoring the Huntington 100 Service-Learning Student Leaders

Written by Street Team Member Madhumita Rao The Huntington 100 honors outstanding students who exemplify the principles, missions, and values of Northeastern University. Students are nominated by faculty and chosen based on their impact on the campus community, record of service, global engagement, demonstrated leadership, entrepreneurial/innovative spirit, and commitment to a high level of ideals.... Continue Reading →

Social Distancing in the S-L Space

By S-L Street Team Member Mollie McEvoy In this time of extreme uncertainty and stress, the S-L team has faced unprecedented challenges in working alongside the Boston community. A handful of service-learning classes were able to continue their work through group projects or independent learning. Some classes even tested out ways to continue virtually connecting... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity: James Ayton

By S-L Street Team Member Salil Khanna Name: James Ayton Role in Service-Learning: Service-Learning TA College: College of Engineering Major/Program of Study & Minor: Mechanical Engineering How are your values expressed through your community engagement and Service-Learning work? The community engagement that I perform is through the university, with it largely being centered on service-learning. For example, last semester I... Continue Reading →

Being an S-LTA outside of your major!

By S-L Street Team Member Mollie McEvoy When first learning about the service-learning program on campus, I mistakenly believed that my major, Human Services, was the only one to include service-learning in their curriculum. I have since found this to be a very common mistake for S-L newbies! S-L courses spread across a multitude of... Continue Reading →

Returning to S-L

By S-L Street Team Member Mollie McEvoy When considering the Service-Learning program on campus, many students might not immediately spot the deep-rooted community that has been interwoven between a multitude of disciplines across campus. This lesser known aspect of S-L has been a huge incentive for students to return time and time again to the... Continue Reading →

Breaking the NUin bubble through Service-Learning

Written by S-L Street Team member, Cloe Grace Considering that many of Northeastern’s freshmen now start their college experience participating in study abroad, the term “NUin bubble” is becoming more prevalent than ever before. NUin is a Northeastern program, giving freshmen the opportunity to take classes abroad for their first semester with other students before... Continue Reading →

Connecting S-L & STEM

Written by S-L Street Team member, Cassandra Barrett Many students perceive service-learning as something for Humanities majors, but little do STEM majors know, S-L is for everyone and is especially important for STEM majors. As a biology major, the core curriculum focuses on building our scientific and technical skillset. Often, our classes fail to explore... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity: Nancy Ho

Name: Nancy Ho Role in Service-Learning: S-L Teaching Assistant, S-L Team Manager Major: Combined Math and Finance Major What is one thing everyone should know about Service-Learning? Service-Learning is beyond "classic" experiential learning. No matter if you are a student or an S-LTA, you are part of the Service-Learning family and you are never alone... Continue Reading →

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