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Join the Service-Learning Team! Applications are now open for Service-Learning Teaching Assistants and Street Team members. Are you interested in joining the S-L family or taking on a student leadership position? Make sure to get your application in by the newly extended deadline of Wednesday, November 7th. Want to learn more about what it means... Continue Reading →

“[Service-Learning] definitely helped give me perspective on various options for meaningful service and how not all volunteers in the community could be making a positive impact, despite having the best interests. I want to focus on gaining the skills and experience necessary to help and improve my communities.” – Nutrition service-learning student, Fall 2017

Congratulations to the Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare Seminar Service-Learning Course Partnership!

Northeastern University’s Community Engagement Awards celebrate partnerships involving students, neighborhood organizations and/or residents, faculty, administrators, and staff from the campus and community that are committed to creating reciprocal partnerships that are mutually respectful, socially and ethically responsive, strategic, and purposeful. Congratulations to the Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare Seminar service-learning course partnership for winning one of six... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity Emily Bruno

Role within service-learning: Service-Learning Fellow and Faculty Member in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders within Bouvé College of Health Sciences Service-Learning course: SLPA 1200 Phonetics Did you find service-learning or did service-learning find you? Kind of both. I started doing service-learning in my class before I knew it was a real thing. Then I heard about... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity Jordan Metcalf

Role within service-learning: I worked with Professor Hayward at TOPS soccer, which is a soccer camp for children primarily with autism spectrum disorders. Did you find service-learning or did service-learning find you? Service-Learning found me through my physical therapy curriculum. What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? It creates a desire for service work... Continue Reading →

#CapturingCommunity Professor Lorna Hayward

Role within service-learning: Professor and member of the Service-Learning Advisory Board. Service-Learning course: Three of my courses include service-learning. One is an honors seminar with domestic service--this is the second year that this course has included a service element. The second course is a capstone course in physical therapy that includes an alternative spring break... Continue Reading →

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