A Reflection on the Street Team

By Suzie Kim

Street Team member Suzie Kim

If there’s one characteristic Northeastern University students share, it’s that we are very busy people. Very busy. Being involved in at least two student organizations outside of classes, plus part-time jobs/work-study jobs seems to be an underlying standard for us Huskies.

Service-Learning has always been an integral part of my experience here at Northeastern. I started my very first fall semester as a freshman in an S-L public speaking course. Since then, there hasn’t been a semester that it hasn’t been a part of my schedule.

What I appreciate about the Street Team is that it provides me with an opportunity to keep connected to Service-Learning as a student on co-op. Because of my hours, I can’t be a Service-Learning teaching assistant but I still get to take part in the large group meetings that happen every month or so. It’s helpful to have a space where I can maintain the relationships I’ve built over the years with my fellow Service-Learning leaders.

Another thing that I like about Street Team is that it gives me a chance to learn more about what’s going on across the board for Service-Learning. I get to have interviews and conversations with faculty members that I otherwise would not cross paths with. It’s a fascinating way to see the different ways service-learning is happening across the colleges.

The Street Team is a great place to be if you love talking about Service-Learning. You’re surrounded by people who are dedicated S-L students who are working hard to expand the S-L network.

Being a part of the Street Team helps you realize that you are a S-L leader both in the classroom and outside of it!

For details on how YOU can apply to join the Fall 2016 Service-Learning Street Team, click here!

Suzie Kim is a former S-L co-op, S-LTA, and current member of the Service-Learning Street Team.

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  1. I just to want to mention that the narratives on the S-Log provide such a rich story about Service-Learning that is transformative for all.

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